Fair trade products and ethically responsible consumption are probably not strange terms to you.  Many heavyweight companies are increasingly making sure that they engage in socially responsible and fair business practices, including paying producers and their workers a fair and just amount or purchasing raw materials that are obtained from sustainable sources.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) runs along a similar vein, and investors consciously put their money in companies that create a positive impact in society.

[block type=”content”]In the past, this meant something as simple as not investing in tobacco or firearms companies.  These days, it could mean investing in a social enterprise whose entire business model revolves around addressing an environmental or social need.[/block]

The Myth of Socially Responsible Investing – It’s Just Too Niche

Socially Responsible Investing isn’t just an investment concept for wealthy people who can’t be fussed about their investment returns. It simply …