Cory Diary : Quality of Life


I often seen posts on best place to retire. Be it daily necessity, bills or health care. One of the primary reason is cost. Frankly I think this people get it all wrong.

The Best Place to retire is where Love is. Where friends are. Where Home is. Going to faraway land, cheap and lower standard of hygiene … that’s escapism. Out of no choice. Desperation. Worst still, alone. Sorry if I poke too hard. Is a poke anyway. Greener pasture is always on the other side till you are on the other side.

Of course there are always exception so for these people, be relieved there is an escapism mental route for your reasoning. But I know deep in my heart, when I died, I like my grave, ash or whatsoever to be near home of my birth just like our elders who were from China they want to go …

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