If you are vested with the Asian Pay Television Trust (APTT), I am sure its performance yesterday (which is a whopping 7.14% jump to $0.525) put a smile on your face. Some of you might already took profit out of this “rare” jump.

The question is what trigger the jump?

Reading through numerous sites, my personal interpretation/guesstimate are :

  1. Appointment of new CEO, Brian Mckinley and CFO, Somnath Adak. Prior to be appointed as the CEO, Brian Mckinley is the CFO of the trustee. This could be the reason that bring positive cheer to the market.
  1. Steady performance for FY 2016 (a copy of FY2016 Annual Report can be found here).
  1. Sumptuous Dividend Yield – Total distribution per unit for 2016 is 6.5 cents and the Chairman has indicated that distribution for 2017 will be consistent with 2016 at 6….