Spend more money to make more money!

I am from a humble working class family, staying with my grandmother, parents, and younger brother in a 4 room flat.

My younger brother is very intelligent but doesn’t like school. He ventured into MLM last year and enjoyed some early success. Now, he wants to buy a car and it has to be a Mercedes Benz or BMW. I told him to save the money. He said he must look successful and rich to make more money as he can convince people to join him more easily.

I am just a simple person working in the civil service. I don’t know how the business world works. I follow your blog because you give down to earth advice about money and life in general.

I am worried about my brother. What should I do?
Thank you for the generous sharing of your time and knowledge.

Alamak. I don’t know what you should do…

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  1. Fred says

    It is very common among the working millennials to have that kind of wanton lifestyle. Not rich but want to act it. It is even preached in some religious circles.

    Many years ago, I heard a guru teaching this to a group of salespeople. First he hyped them up to a level, till they screamed ‘yeah, yeah, can, can’. Finally, he said ‘since you are so confident of performing your millions, now to affirm your conviction, I have a car salesman here with me, you can order your BMW now.’

    My contemporaries who are now enjoying their retirements are mostly those who live a simple lifestyle. They worked hard, saved and invested prudently. Those who lived hedonic and flashy lifestyle, are still struggling and working, many still have not completed their homes’ mortgages.

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