My last blog post probably didn’t sit well with most female readers, if not all, even though it is quite a common view among the guys.

I know, sexism is alive and it is very much the case for both guys and girls, if I may add.

Then, a reader brought up the issue of prenuptial agreements.

What is a prenuptial agreement or prenup?

prenuptial agreementantenuptial agreement, or premarital agreement, commonly abbreviated to prenup or prenupt, is a contract entered into prior to marriagecivil union or any other agreement prior to the main agreement by the people intending to marry or contract with each other. The content of a prenuptial agreement can vary widely, but commonly includes provisions for division of property and spousal support in the event of divorce. (Source: Wikipedia.)

I have always thought that marriage should happen because a couple want to have children. If they do not wish to have …