When I found out that Croesus Retail Trust could be privatised, I had a feeling of deja vu.

It wasn’t too long ago that something similar happened to Saizen REIT and, because of that, I lost a significant income generator.

Now, it seems that I may lose another significant income generator.

As I invest primarily for income, this creates a headache for me, especially when it is a relatively big investment in my portfolio.

Mallage Saga, a CRT mall in Saga.

Some might remember that Croesus Retail Trust is one of my more significant investments as I shared this in a blog earlier this year.

In any case, the news got me nostalgic. Hence, this blog.

I first blogged about Croesus Retail Trust in July 2012 and, it was obvious, I was not too enthusiastic about it then.

Croesus Retail Trust: IPO planned.

However, all investments are good at the right price and I became an investor in late 2013…