Please refer to this STRAITS TIMES article by SENIOR Transport Correspondent, Christopher Tan.

“Now that they are entrenched, it will be a matter of time before they start doing what they set out to do: Make money.”



And also… WTF Straits Times?

I hate to swear, but this is borderline retarded. What’s up with this senior transport corespondent? I’m serious. He is either really stupid or he has a hidden agenda. There is no other explanation.

Does he not know that BUSINESSES exists to MAKE MONEY? Like OMG, seriously GMGH? I TOTALLY DID NOT KNOW THAT.

What the freaking flying farting fishcakes.

Okay, so what if he isn’t stupid? What’s his hidden agenda?

Is it that he is in the pockets of taxi companies? Did his Uber driver cancel his trip last minute? Is he being Greyballed by Uber? Did he get not get his job …