Consolidating My New Chapter of Life


Hello all friends and readers, I am back from a 6-months blog vacation! *Warning, this is going to be a lengthy post.

My 2nd child born on 9 March 2017! Now, with my elder daughter, they actually formed a word “好”. For the benefit of my non-chinese illiterate friends, it means “good”, with the characters of “female” followed by a “son”. Obviously, I can’t plan for the genders so please don’t ask me for tips. Thank you for making a complete package for me, a lovely wife, daughter and son! Although 4 was not my auspicious number, now it becomes the auspicious Fantastic 4!

So, what is now? Who is going to take care of them? Can we cope with 2 children at infant care and childcare, with no maid and parents support? Should we employ a maid? Do we also need a security guard given that my children are …

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