Last week, my wife and I flew Suites on Singapore Airlines for the first time for our honeymoon.

We did it by redeeming our miles (here’s how to do it – though some of the info is outdated), because we couldn’t afford to pay full price for it. It was awesome, although I felt like a kid who had sneaked into a cocktail party for millionaires – like I wasn’t supposed to be there.

Now, here’s the thing: I hate reading “influencer” posts with beautiful, filtered pictures of their VIP experiences with captions like “The perfect place to catch up on my reading” #blessed #wanderlust #sponsored. Social media has become a total bragfest to make us feel bad about our normal lives.

Still, we don’t get to experience luxury often. When we do get a chance, we should be able to fully appreciate it with gratitude. I wanted to share how I felt experiencing luxury from the eyes …