Hi AK, I have been scouring your blog and other cpf articles but need your advice.

I currently have about 67k in my cpf OA (I refunded my OA with cash for my hdb installments which I previously paid using OA, thus considered cash payment for my hdb) And 63k in my SA (due to yearly top up).

I am turning 30 this year. I started using cash to continue paying for my hdb installments which is slightly less than $1k a month-4 room hdb.

My question is this. I am thinking of doing additional transfer from OA- SA to make it 100k in my SA.

What is holding me back is that I plan to buy a executive condo in the next 5 years. Proceeds from my flat can cover more than the downpayment.

Can you talk to yourself to see what would you do?

AK talks to himself:
Eh. If you have enough cash, don’t use your CPF-OA money to pay for new place…