Reader says:
“I would like to share a personal experience.
“My wife and I have relatively high paying jobs – and we work like dogs for it. But unlike our friends who make about the same amount and stay in condos and semi-d, we are the only couple staying in HDB 5-room.

“We find it very comfortable already. Altho I often have to answer younger colleagues (I work in a very big organisation, very hierachical) why I still stay in HDB.

“But one outcome of such a choice is that my housing consumption is very low, compared to my friends who consume the terrace or semi-d.

“AND that allows me to invest! Albeit haphazardly. Even then, that helped me to create a passive income that is way bigger than that of my friends who consumed a lot of their salaries via terraces and semi-d.

“Imagine if I have been more financially-literate and had read AK’s blog earlier…