Long time no blog!

Here are some updates to my portfolio after being silent for quite some time.  The last time I blogged about by stock portfolio holdings was in this post.

Basically…It’s been mostly me pressing the BUY button almost every month.

The only sells I made during the year were:

  1. Linkedin – Sold due to acquisition (Break even)
  2. Solar City – Sold due to acquisition (Loss)
  3. Valuetronics – Sold due to lack of confidence (Obviously that seems like a mistake now cos it went up 100% from my selling price of 42 cents…Urgh!!!)
  4. Keppel Corp – Sold due to decision to not get involved with cyclical commodities like oil.

Here’s a snapshot of my portfolio:

Although the portfolio seems to be mostly in the green, the annualised return is kind of pathetic at 8%.  This is contributed mainly due to earlier losses in my investments and most …