Currently, the STI ETF which tracks the performance of the Singapore stocks markets are trading at a RSI of about 60: that is neither overbought or oversold. There are however some Singapore stocks which are trading below the RSI of 30 which means that they are Oversold now:

1) Noble Group

2) QT Vascular 3) Yuuzoo

4) Japfa

5) Keppel Corp

6) Kimly

The above list is just but some of the Oversold Singapore stocks here on SGX. Stocks with Oversold RSI does not equate that these stocks will bounce back soon. Often, Oversold stocks are stocks whose fundamentals are not good to investors. They can arise from earnings announcements, corporate actions or the loss in investors’ confidence in the company’s stock. See whether you can match the stock in the list above to the category of reasons which could have caused these stocks to be …