Global Momentum Compass (GMC) is an investment portfolio designed for retirement. There are two stages when it comes to investing for retirement.

  • Investing for growth
  • Investing for income

GMC is designed to grow your money.

You may ask, “can’t I invest for both income and growth?” The short answer is, you can’t! I will leave this to a future article. So how does GMC portfolio fit into your retirement planning?

I started almost 9 years’ ago. A lot of things have changed in these years but two things remain the same when it comes to investing:

  • People are irrational and they like to follow the trend.
  • People are emotional and they worry about losses all the time.

That’s why I created the GMC investment portfolio a few years back to help my clients. This portfolio is designed to fulfil two needs of investing for retirement.

  1. Grow your …