What Make Benjamin Graham’s Principles Of Value Investing So Hard To Follow?


Recently, I chanced upon a value investing book while browsing at Bangkok’s Kinokuniya. After browsing through a few pages, I decided to get the ebook version and continue reading.

Reason? It’s very layman term and useful for noob like me.
The title of the book is Charlie Munger : The Complete Investor (authored by Tren Griffin). As I am still at the beginning of the book, there are much to learn from the author. However, I would like to re-share the 4 fundamental principles of value investing by Benjamin Graham (as shared by the author) here and my view of why they are so hard to follow especially for retail investors?
PRINCIPLE 1 – Treat a share of stock as a proportional ownership of the business.
PRINCIPLE 2 – Buy at a significant discount to intrinsic value to create a margin of safety