What does Jack Bogle, Jeff Gundlach and GMGH have in common?

How about all of us being geniuses? (haha, I’m just kidding about myself)

Okay, so what is it that we really have in common? Well, it’s that while we all think index investing is wonderful, there are limits to it being a forever successful strategy.

Don’t get me wrong. Don’t get triggered so fast.

I own ETFs and I think that indexing is a very decent strategy for most people. However, there is NO strategy that is infallible. There is no holy grail investment with low/no risks and high returns. There are obviously some strategies that are better than others (value, growth, momentum, etc) and some which are worse than others (buying stocks that start with a certain alphabet, or based on your horoscope). Index investing falls into the category of the “better strategies”, but that is not …