Why You Should Sign Up For Equinet Academy SEO Course


It has been over a year since Heartland Boy launched his blog and started writing about topics such as personal finance and lifestyle.  As the chief digital marketing strategist of Heartlandboy.com, Heartland Girl has done a rather decent job in designing the website to optimise user experience. However, the website is still not getting enough traffic and Heartland Girl attributed this to Heartland Boy’s acute lack of digital marketing knowledge. Having attended some online digital marketing course, Heartland Girl boasted that she knew how to increase organic search traffic for heartlandboy.com.  To break down the jargon, Search Engine Optimisation (‘SEO’) is the process of optimising a website to rank on top of the search engine results pages for highly targeted keywords.

Heartland Boy, “Dear, please perform your SEO magic and save heartlandboy.com.”

Heartland Girl replied, “That is not within my job description. Besides, you said …

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