In previous blog post , I have shared my experience of diversification into Telcos and O&G industries which is still sitting on paper loss of more than – $12 K ( here ). In today’s part 2 , I am going to further elaborate my story of diversification into banking sector since 2016.

Some may still vividly remember that banking stocks has been beaten-down in end 2015 and early 2016 due to market’s projection on slow-down in China’s economy as well as others emerging market ( BRICs ).

Others that “ China’s factor “ , struggling in O&G companies which also affecting the balance sheet of banking stocks due to increase of provision in bad debts and impairment.

STI Index was down from the peak of 3539 point in Apr 2015 to 2529 in Jan 2016 , a whopping decrease of around -28.5%.

< image credit goes to one of the blogger who have produce this chart which I have forgotten the source , my apologies>

We know that sometimes “ Crisis could be an Opportunity “ as you may refer to my explanation of this in “ My Investment Strategy 1-2-3 (here )…