i need your self talk about my situation. My only child, a girl, will be P3 next year, likely she will have a chance to attend the good primary school like RGPS or NYPS…after GEP selection by the end next year.

However she feels dizzy whenever sitting inside a public bus or school bus… from my home BTO to these schools takes 1 hour by bus and i don’t wish to own a car due to not enough budget.

So I thought of buying a tiny condo 300~500 square ft due to up to $750k max budget in early 2019.

So where can i find such a tiny place which is nearby these schools and also within my budget?

Many thanks and wish to hear your self talk soon.

Tania Cheng from Guangyang Primary School.

The prudent thing to do is to go to a school nearer to your current home…