STI Analysis

Last March perhaps I was the few bold enough to state STI is on an uptrend (Has STI Bottom ?) and the subsequent 2 postings (What’s Next For STI ? and STI Expanding Triangle ?) I maintained that analysis.  So, after 1 year and 2 months, with STI closed 3,249.97 on 9th May 2017, my bold analysis was indeed correct.  The reward for my bold and certain degree of confident analysis then was the capital gain I get from Nordic Group (Stock Incubator — Nordic Group, Strategic Objective Achieved and Stock Incubator — Nordic Group) in which I turned that investment into a mathematically impossible to lose money one.  Other is the Investment Portfolio I have which at end of April 2017, stood at +107.34%, inclusive of dividend return, realized gain and unrealized gain (Portfolio — Apr 2017).  Ironically, when STI hit a …

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