We have averaged about $50,000 worth of annual expenditure for the past few years. Even though I have set a budget of $42,000 early this year for 2017, the likelihood of us achieving it is really quite low. With plenty of luxuries like travel, dining out and buying new clothes, a $50,000 budget was always much more realistic and reasonable.

But that said, if our incomes were to drop off a cliff in the future, and that cutting our expenses became more necessary, how would we do it? Or what if our incomes explode and there’s more slack to spend on the “finer” things in life?

We would go for the big wins and explore the big three traditional cost categories; Food, housing and transport.


If we were to cut down on most of the frills, we could eat very healthily for a combined $300 a month. We would have 2-3 meals …