After the price comparison for milk powder, I have to look at the other big expense for a baby, which is the diapers. Most parents would have close encounters with poop or urine within the first year. If you have not been through an explosive diarrhea episode, you are lucky!

For families who use cloth nappy and wash them, I salute you! You totally deserve the savings because I would rather spend the money than wash all the poop from the nappy every day. Diapers are truly the sanity life savers to working mothers!

Picture by ParentingPatch

Manufacturers like to use the same price for different sizes of diapers and just vary the number of diapers in each bag. Do take note that the country of manufacturing may be different in retail and those sold online. Diapers are pretty bulky in nature so some parents, including me, like to buy them online for the convenience…