It’s the Great Singapore Sale, a lot of selling down of penny stocks in the market, but it also represents an opportunity to catch some stocks on fire sale. Sometimes things in a business change so fast that its share price doesn’t do it justice. For starters, Hanwell’s Cash per Share is $0.3069 and current share price stands at $0.2800. How could I not look into this company when it’s practically free?


  1. Stable Business
  2. Strategic Investment Paying Off

Stable Business

Basically, Hanwell is into two businesses, Consumer Essentials and Strategic Investments. Under Consumer Essentials, there are popular brands like Beautex tissue paper and Royal Umbrella Rice. These businesses will not go out of fashion, neither will they ever become a sexy business segment for Hanwell.  Under Strategic Investments, Hanwell owns 63.9% of Tat Seng Packaging which is in the business of corrugated paper. Hanwell is in …