It has been quite sometimes since my last update of STE Smart Beta Index which was created on 28 Aug 2016 ( here ) and Yah !! Just for Fun  J

STE SM Index beat the STI Index by just 2 % points and if take into consideration of dividend yield where it has been set higher than STI by around 1.5% , total return could be around 3.5 % .

I will need to do the portfolio re-balancing in Aug 2017 after 1 year of inception and I think since the market has been very bullish recently , it has become very difficult to find counters which have PE <10 or Div Yield >5% among STI’s components. Base on my observation, total counter should drop to eight only as per current stocks price and market valuation.

Well , let’s see how it turn out over long term time period …. Again , Just for Fun !! …