5 Tools To Supercharge Your Investment Process: For A Singapore Investor


I used to be a car nut. I was such a car nut that I ended up studying automotive engineering for my major in University. In my youth, all I could think about is buying an American muscle car and supercharging it. Of course, that is before I realize how lousy an investment a car was, not to mention the huge road tax and fuel cost associated with a muscle car.

That is when I turned from a car nut to a stock nut. Nevertheless, my desire to “supercharge” things never faded. Living in the technological age allows us to find many tools to help us supercharge our investment process. Unlike Warren Buffett, who found his stock mainly through reading annual reports and thick stock manuals page by page, we have very effective tools available right at a mouse click away.

Here are 5 of my favourite tools that have …

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