With the 1Q17 quarterly reporting for Singapore-listed REITs more or less done, we resume our REITs report card series. We analysed the quarterly results of REIT sub-sectors and some notable REITs that have either done well or underperformed.

  1. Industrial REITs

Source: Trading Economics

Singapore’s Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) has been recording an expansion for the eighth consecutive month. Apart from expanding consistently, economic indicators also point towards faster expansion in the manufacturing sector.

This encouraging economic data is a positive sign for the industrial sector’s demand as industrial demand shows signs of picking up since the start of 2017. With the industrial REITs having suffered from an oversupply since 2014, the positive signs of pickup in industrial demand could reinvigorate interest in the industrial REITs.

Performance Grade For The Quarter: A

  1. A-REIT

A-REIT managed to improve its gross revenue by 2.4 percent year-on-year, thanks to contribution from acquisitions in Singapore and …