I stumbled on this Yahoo Fin article which had the original Value Penguin post about this.

Take note that the values above are supposedly BEFORE PROMOTIONS. That means coupled with promo codes + credit card tie-ups, you could be getting even bigger savings with Uber / Grab.

Another thing to note is that their calculations is based on the airport surcharge being $5, which is only true for Fri – Sun from 5pm to 12mn. For all other times, the surcharge is only $3. Ideally, you’d want to knock off $2 from their Taxi figures to make it more apples to apples, I would imagine.

That said, even with a $2 reduction across the board for taxis, taxis are still on average about 30% more expensive than Uber / Grab. Throw in promo codes and credit card promos and you could be looking at huge savings.

Why take taxis when they …