Kyith: I was contacted by the folks at Investing Note whether I let my readers know about this splendid analysis on QAF.  I obliged since my blog promotes investors who takes things into their own hands and equip themselves with business prospecting skills. This is good for you guys.

You may observe that this  analysis is better than what I can put out. QAF just released a somewhat lukewarm set of results and is undergoing strategic review. 

As far as I understand there might be some divestment on the cards for the Australian food manufacturing business. Price earnings wise it is not too expensive (not sure if its fair value). Not an inducement to buy and sell. Make your own decision.

QAF Limited (SGX: Q01) is a leading multi-industry food company with operations primarily in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia.

It’s core businesses include

  1. Bakery
  2. Primary production