How I managed to save $100k before hitting my 28th birthday


Now this calls for a celebration. After scrimping and saving and working hard saving everything I could afford, I have finally achieved my target of $100k before the age of 30, with 2 more years left to spare. I shall make full use of these 2 extra years to continue to build my savings and wachest to the next target, which is to achieve $200k in savings and investments before my 32nd birthday.

Why 32nd birthday?

Well, some readers may ask this question, so I might as well answer it first. Well, its more like an extrapolation of my saving abilities. When I started working after graduation at age 25, I took 3 years to achieve 100k in savings and investments, so I had simply added 3 years + additional 1 year buffer for unforeseen circumstances. So voila, the number 32 comes to my mind. Furthermore, I had a headstart after …

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