Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have long been a favourite among stock market enthusiasts who want to capitalise on global property markets without sacrificing affordability, diversity and liquidity.

Many Singaporeans are familiar with Singapore REITs, but not many people are aware of Japan REIT (also called J-REIT).

Japan is the second biggest property investment market in the world, they have their own set of REITs for nearly two decades. So if you are a REIT investor, you got to know Japan REIT.

I am glad to introduce Ziv Nakajima-Magen, an insider of Japan’s property market, to share with you the insight about J-REIT arena.

Magen is a partner and executive manager of Nippon Tradings International (NTI). In this article, he provides a brief introduction to the J-REIT arena, some general and more specific information regarding yields and market capitals, as well as a quick look at what the future …