As per my earlier post on my mutated DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) “strategy” on Singtel (click here to read more why I called it “mutated”), I’ve expanded by “scope” to include another counter, Asian Pay Television Trust (APTT), of which I’ve written previously (click here) the reason I am interested in this counter.

Ya, I know, the price (at 55 cents) is higher than my indicated target entry price (50 cents or below) but after considering that it will be a DCA play and it’s only a minion (don’t misread) shares, I am alright with that.

By the way, I only get 900 shares today as I want to take advantage of the special $10 commission promotion. Didn’t I tell you my portfolio is minion size? lol

Singtel will still be in my DCA list, my intention is to rotate my DCA purchase among a selected list of …