How To Understand REIT Jargon When Investing In Singapore REITs

Heartland Boy has enjoyed some modest success with the Real Estate Investment Trust (‘REIT’) and Business Trusts that he has invested in so far. Including dividends and unrealized profits, Croesus Retail Trust, Lippo REIT and Viva Industrial Trust have returned 35%, 29% and 8% respectively since his investments. Croesus Retail Trust is on track to become one of the best REITs for 2017. However, it wasn’t all always a bed of roses. When Heartland Boy first interned in a REIT in 2012, he felt like a helpless captain lost in sea. He was overwhelmed by all the unfamiliar terminology thrown at him. Thankfully, he had a very patient mentor who guided him well. He also acquainted himself better by reading Module 10 of Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (‘CMFAS’) and REIT investing books during his internship. Having gone through this experience, he empathizes with retail investors who might …

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