How can you probably see it and then seriously avoid it?

It is never what you see; what you read and what you will get it!

It is the HOW!

When you see MAIN marketing statement or headline where it emphasizes … 

(1) From humble background; Poor to Rich from self discovery of secret formula

(2) Losing so much and then discover secret sauce to become rich

(3) Show you lots of profits made but not showing past years of evidence of proof with audited statements of investment gains from the market. (One late “Guru” in Sinagpore had been poked by Uncle8888 a few times in his forum to show his audited statement of investment gains from the stock market. But Uncle8888 still give him respect as he didn’t bar him unlike some other investment and finance bloggers)

One last confirming evidence; are your family members and close relatives all millionaires? ..