Over the last 2 days, the market seem to have become “happier”. But at the back of my mind, I am always having a cautious view – “Expect the Unexpected”.

Do note that “Comeback Kid” is a nickname that I give to a counter that I had divested completely, and re-purchased at a later date.
The previous “Comeback Kid” was Singhaiyi Group Ltd, which I had written in the previous post.
For this post, the “Comeback Kid” is TTJ Holding Ltd (aka TTJ).
I really regretted selling this counter.
My actions were largely influenced by the “noises” after TTJ announced its 2016 full year results.
At that time, TTJ order book reduced significantly to about $50+ million and there was not much direction indicated about the company’s future direction in the quarterly reports.
Furthermore, as the CEO holds about 85% of the shares of this counter, …