Here’s How You Can Earn Up To S$13,000 In Side Income

Living in one of the most expensive cities in the world means that the race to scurry away money for savings or even just to make ends meet is a never-ending battle. Having a full-time job that pays well enough is a blessing, but for those who need that extra boost in income, having another job on the side can be really helpful.

Not only that, even if the additional cash isn’t a matter of urgency, a side income job may help you explore an alternative career that’s on your mind.

Here are jobs that you can take on to help you with your cash flow.


Private tutoring is the Singaporean undergraduate’s favourite job that actually pays well and isn’t hard to pick up. If you are a graduate, you can expect to charge between S$35-40 for an hour of tuition with a lower Secondary pupil and even up …