My first potential realised investment lost

As my investment kept showing deeper reds, It’s about time I have a more concrete exit strategy (should have one before entering) for my investment. I’ve placed a stop lost at $0.690 (Buffer).

How did I get that number?

Being a technical trader, it is my duty to identify trends and know what makes them. In a bearish trend, a series of lower lows and lower highs have to be formed by candlestick. If the low of $0.70 is broke, the REIT would have a higher probability to trend lower (Technical perspective).

Why not get out now?

The Reit still maintains a strong fundamental (Cashflow, Current ratio) for me to stay, plus its paying me to wait.

But if the fundamental is good why not hold on without a stop loss?

Yea, I have the same initial thought but then I thought …