Okay, so here’s the short version because I’m sure quite a lot of people want to know this.

You need 2 things:

  • Local bank account
  • Coinhako account

Okay, so let’s be quick.

SGD -> Bitcoin / Ethereum

Step 1: Open up a Coinhako account and do whatever verifications necessary

Step 2: Follow the instructions on Coinhako to transfer SGD from your bank to Coinhako

Step 3: Buy Bitcoins / Ethereum on Coinhako

Step 4: Keep your coins with Coinhako (not recommended) or transfer to a wallet where you own the private keys (recommended)

Bitcoin / Ethereum -> SGD

Step 1: Send all the coins you want to cash out to your Coinhako wallet

Step 2: Sell Bitcoins / Ethereum on Coinhako

Step 3: Make a withdrawal request to your bank account

Before you start throwing money in and jump onboard the crpyto train, there are a few things you …