I read this post written by Lionel from Cheerful Egg about a week ago and it struck a massive chord with me.

It actually surprised me that Lionel preps so much for his pitches and presentations because the impression he gave was that “he’s just naturally really good at it”. To think that I thought I was the only one who had to prepare a script word-by-word, rehearse it to a T a few times, before being able to step out with any semblance of confidence.

So I guess for the benefit of everyone, I shall come clean with everything. No more downplaying.

Situation: Mr 15HWW, I really enjoyed your presentation. You must have put lots of effort into it.

15HWW Says: Oh, it’s a topic I was really passionate about. So things just sort of flowed. Glad you enjoyed it.

Reality: You cannot imagine …