This month is doing quite all right and collected quite a bit of dividend. Overall quite a volatile month will bank stocks rallying near the end of the month. Thus slightly boosting up my portfolio a bit.

STI vs my portfolio

My portfolio is FINALLY positive after so many months :)

Period STI My Portfolio (Realised) Verdict
Jan 2017 -11.56% -2.01% I win

Feb 2017 -6.63% 1.70% I win

Mar 2017 -3.92% 3.93% I win

Apr 2017 -3.61% 4.00% I win

May 2017 -1.81% 3.90% I win

Jun 2017 -1.51% 5.77% I win

Total 23 stocks in portfolio

This month got some dividends from quite a few companies …