Had seen many bloggers busy updating their portfolio recently right after the last day of June , allow me to come and join the party.

Thank GOD , there was no market crash in 1st HF of 2017 and in fact STI has outperformed many regional peers with returned of close to 13% YTD ( excluding Dividend Yield of around 3-3.5 % which is also one of the highest among Asian bourses ) .

My New Worth ( Including Dividend & Interest received ) increased by 16.7 % which I think is quite in line with market ( STI + Dividend return ) but If I have added in the CPF outstanding , my net worth will drop to only +14% as CPF’s average interest was around 3.3 % ( combine of 3 accounts ).

I am really happy to see such 1st HF result which is in line with market and we should not expect this double digit growth of performance to continue as nobody really know where the market will be heading in 2nd HF of the …