We spent about $4,300 in June and yes, even after May’s large travel expenditure, this month includes air tickets too.  After including this month’s expenditure, our average expenditure this year has settled at around $4,593 for each month.

If we were to stick to a budget of $42,000 for this year, it would leave slightly about $2,000 for each of the remaining six months. Which, if we were to keep, would in all likelihood leave us very miserable. So the odds are that we will spend the remaining $14,000 or so within the next three months and that we are going to break $50,000 of expenditure once again this year.

When you are bringing in more than enough of the dough, it’s really hard to rein in some occasional splurges and luxuries. This year, travel is likely the main culprit, with already $6,000 spent on that category so far.

Eating …