I was alerted to NetLink’s IPO by my broker, who contacted me two weeks ago to offer private placement shares. The IPO officially opens tomorrow for public subscription, and there’s been a lot of media hype over what is being said to be the year’s “biggest IPO”. I’ve started analysing the IPO prospectus last week but sat on this post for the longest time because its insanely verbose and boring 516 pages put me to sleep on a few occasions -.-

Sorry to everyone who has been waiting! Without further ado, here’s my take.

– 2.89 billion shares for offer at $0.81 each 
– 185 million public tranche 
– IPO closes on 17 July 2017, 12 noon.


Even though you’ve probably never heard of NetLink, the business isn’t new. Back in 2008, OpenNet won a tender to design and maintain passive infrastructure in Singapore …