Recently I sold all my shares in TalkMed due to Dr Ang have been suspended from medical practice for 8 months by Court ruling starting from 25th July 2027.

Although TalkMed have 13 oncologists, but Dr Ang contributes a lion share to Talk Med revenue and this is a important factor that I decide to off load the shares thus it is better to stay sideline & observe what financial impact it will cause to TalkMed.

I will relook this stock again after 8 months when Dr Ang suspension end.


On 5th July 2017, loaded 5000 shares of SingTel at $3.90 per share .

I wish to ride on a likely special dividend SingTel might be giving after Netlink trust IPO & dividend is also coming for SingTel in August .


One of my largest holding in my portfolio, its share price have taken a beat down to …