Last Thursday, Managing Director of Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Ravi Menon mentioned at the annual report media conference that it is “not time yet to ease the cooling measures”, “they remain necessary” and “easing the measures now would send a wrong signal”.
Sorry, cooling measures are to stay

Menon cited two reasons for the decision: 1) Good pick-up of recent project launches under low interest rate environment; and 2) Increased tightening of property buying restrictions in other countries.

Menon emphasized that “property prices should be aligned with broader income trends in the economy and the government will not let “property prices increase faster than nominal GDP growth”.

Private residential property prices have climbed 60 percent over 17 quarters, but only declined less than 12 percent in the last 14 quarters.

Menon restated that MOF, MND, and MAS were all very clear in the March announcement that the adjustments “were made for very specific reasons and purposes” and the government has never changed its position on the TDSR structure, Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty and …