I have a few gripes about confinement meals during my confinement month last year.

1) Only payment by cash/bank transfer
Top of the list is that I have to pay cash during the start of the delivery meals. I don’t normally keep more than $200 cash in my purse so it’s definitely very inconvenient for me. Bank transfer is also not that convenient either, especially just when I just got discharged from the hospital after delivery.

2) How fresh is the food?
This is also the most common concerns I have heard in the market. Confinement services usually deliver 2 hours before meal times to cater to the whole market. Thus, it’s not weird to see lukewarm lunches delivered at 10am and dinners at 5pm. What they encourage you to do, is to microwave the meals to make them warm again. However, did the caterer cook at 8am and is the food still edible if we eat at 2pm? …