I am on an investigative mood nowadays.

After comparing the prices of diapersmilk powderIntegrated Shield Plans and kids’ savings accounts, I am now trying to find out the best business account for my own business, SnackFirst

Why do we need a business acount?
This is the top question especially for companies with only 1 person, aka One Man Show. The obvious reason is because we need to separate our personal and business finances. This is to ensure accountability and tracking of your finances.

Business account for Start Ups
Most of us thought we would definitely have to pay to maintain a business account, but that’s not true. There are some free, non-paying options below. Let’s take a look at the comparison of business accounts for start-ups.

The blank boxes are left out intentionally as I could not find the information

When I mention Start-Ups, it assumes this group would be more strapped …