On-and-off, I have been monitoring the US consumer staples sector. This sector has been going nowhere but up, denying me opportunities to create meaningful positions in this sector. Well, it looks like things are finally changing.

Let’s just stop to smell the flowers. Amaranthine beauties don’t bloom everyday, ya know? (Pun intended).

It is good to keep myself occupied with both work and school work. That way, my itchy fingers wouldn’t meddle with stuff that’s not meant to be touched.

So, what’s with the consumer staples sector? Popular explanations include the fear of Amazon extending its tendrils into the sector (acquisition of Whole Foods), changing consumer preferences (millennials and their preference for healthier, organic alternatives rather than meat and processed products), and food scares.

Of course the old guard aren’t just standing by and doing nothing. Hormel Foods have acquired Jennie-O Turkey Store (to cater to consumers who are …