Dear OCBC 360, 

It pains me to write this break-up letter.

I have actually developed real feelings for you during the past 3 years. Over this period, even though you have decided to gradually give fewer in this relationship (from 3.05% on April 2014 ⇒ 2.25% on May 2015 ⇒ 1.85% on April 2017), I have continued to stick with you. Even when so many others (here, here and here) have told me to move on, I have waited till this point. You were definitely not a fling to me.

But it appears now that our relationship is truly broken. From this month onwards, because there is no salary being credited to you, you have decided to provide just 0.65% even though I am spending so much $$$ and time with you. That amount is totally unacceptable and it’s really best for …