This is a continuation post from our guest writer CK, who has kindly contribute on some of the insights from his real estate experience. If you missed the first part, you can view them here.

Here we go.

Doing a follow up post on the first post as B rightfully asked how does Oxley managed to sell more properties than others. Some background was provided on my first post whereby the floor area for Suites@Bradell ranged from 387 to 893 sqft.

I would say Oxley earned their first buck for being able to react to market demand for shoebox apartment which is a trend that began around when Oxley’s founder started the property development business in 2006. Some interesting snippets below:

“Mr Ching left the police force in 1993 after completing his study bond because the job did not pay very well, he recalls. He tried his hand in business, …