Dave Lim, a reader who seems to be to be quite the expert on car ownership in Singapore, weighs in on my last blog on the subject:

Dear AK, 
Appreciate your post on car ownership and bringing up some noteworthy points of consideration before one buys a car. You never fail to be honest and wise. 

However, being a former hardcore car enthusiast (well, a folly of my younger days – a story for another day), I find that I’m “morally obligated” to call out the glaring factual inaccuracies as evinced in the blogpost by Bullythebear (http://bullythebear.blogspot.sg/2014/03/whats-good-about-owning-car.html#.WWpZFIiGPIV), who doesn’t seem to be too well-versed about cars. 

– In order to give decent meaning to numbers, a proper calculation of annual car expenses should take into consideration the depreciation of the car, and not merely the sum of instalments one chooses to pay. It is absolutely futile to discuss car expenses without delving into the interplay of depreciation, COE, OMV and ARF …